Samarth Milestone
  1. 1987 Dinesh Patel (Partner) starts with 2nd hand machines with manpower of 10.
  2. 1988 Dashrath Patel (Partner) joins Samarth leaving his civil engineering profession
  3. 1991 Govind Patel (Partner) joins Samarth upon completion of MBA
  4. 1996 Dashrath Patel shifts Mumbai for business growth
  5. 2008 Drop in production due to limited supply of rough diamonds from its suppliers.
  6. 2009 Recession of 2008 forced Samarth to take the reins of its business in its own hands. Start of manufacturing and sales of own diamonds sourced from Antwerp
  7. 2010 Export boost since 2010

Continuing to sparkle with strength of more than 3200 employees.